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automate more processes with less effort​

More intelligent software robots will help you accomplish more. To automate cognitive processes, add skills.

Bot Builder

Build Automations and Deploy Robots Using Bot Builder

Build and create high-performing and high-skilled robots easily.

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custom bots

Custom Bots

Use among custom-built robots, supervised and unsupervised robots, and hybrid robots for all the different processes you operate and get the robots, integrations and run any robot safely and securely.

designer flow

Designer Flow

Get the information and controls you need to measure, secure, and govern. Ensure a secure and compliant built environment by managing your program from a central location.

cloud testing

Cloud Testing

Speed up and make your journey easier and completely an automated enterprise with BotPath's Cloud testing feature which allows you to focus on automation while we keep hold of the network and other resources. 

What is Bot Builder?

Bot Builder is a set of tools included in BotPath that allows for the creation of automated conversational workflows. A bot builder is a platform that assists businesses in automating communication processes based on pre-defined scenarios. It enables you to send news, updates, and reminders, as well as process orders and provide immediate customer support.

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