Chrome Extension

access RPA software from chrome

With the assistance of increasingly intelligent software robots, you'll be able to accomplish more. Automate cognitive activities by adding abilities. All of this is now accessible via a chrome extension.

Chrome Extension

Access RPA software with chrome extension

Botpath's chrome extension enables you to rapidly create high performance & high skilled robots with ease.

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easy access

Easy Access

Access the RPA tools of botpath from the chrome extension. this helps in saving time and boosting work productivity of the employees. With the chrom extension, you can now quickly access the automations you have created on botpath.

instant automations

Instant Automations

Create dependable bots that are easily deployable and controllable in an organised and straightforward manner. From the chrome extension, you may access all of botpath's sophisticated features.

run automations remotely

Run Automations Remotely

Create dependable bots that can be quickly deployed and maintained from any distant location in an organised and straightforward manner. With the Botpath Chrome plugin, you can easily create and access automations from any location.

What is Chrome Extension?

Botpath's chrome plugin enables easy access to Botpath's robotic process automation capabilities. The addon provides access to your automations. After creating bots, they can be automated using the chrome extension. In summary, the chrome plugin enables you to leverage the power of Botpath's robotic automation process.

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