The Story of Botpath's Birth

Explore why we built Botpath and why we felt the need of developing an RPA tool.

After successfully creating Agile CRM, our all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) software, we experienced growth that resulted in the need to look at new ways to handle all the work we had to do on a daily basis. We were in need of new ways to increase our productivity without spending a fortune. True to our nature, we thought we could find a solution that might also help our customers as well.

We found the automation we included in Agile CRM to be very useful when we felt short-staffed so we started looking into the possibility of incorporating robotic process automation (rpa) into our processes.

We started researching all of the RPA options on the market looking for one that would suit our needs, but was flexible enough to adapt to our changing needs. However, we also knew that, as a relatively new and rapidly growing business, we couldn’t spend a fortune.

It became clear that we needed to find a way to solve this problem ourselves. So, we went back to the drawing board.

The Problem

We were in need of a tool that would allow us to automate repetitive tasks and rules-based processes so that we could do more in less time. As hard-working and dedicated as our employees were, we didn’t want to overwork them or have to hire more staff so it seemed the best way for them to be able to do more in less time.

None of the solutions on the market were quite what we needed, unless we were willing to spend an exorbitant amount of money. Our goal was to supplement our current workforce with a digital workforce, of sorts.


We wanted to be able to employ bots to do our work for us, but not just any bots, we wanted to build bots with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to enhance our automation. Plus, we wanted anyone on our staff to be able to build these intelligent bots instead of relying on our developers.

Since we had a high-quality brand reputation to consider, we also couldn’t afford to lose any of the precision we put into every one of our processes. We also didn’t want to spend a lot of time documenting our processes in order to automate them, so we needed an easier way.

With all of this information in mind, we set out to gather our requirements for a new RPA tool that would meet all of our needs...and our budget.

The Requirements


We determined that our primary requirements were the following:

  1. Automated bots: We wanted to be able to build automated bots to perform complicated tasks through automation.

  2. Bot management: We needed our created bots to be stored and accessible anytime for activation or to duplicate to create new bots.

  3. Bot templates: For those standard bots, we wanted to be able to choose from an existing template.

  4. Create from scratch: Of course, we also wanted the ability to create a bot from scratch so we could build any bot we needed.

  5. Record processes: Ideally, we would be able to create a bot by recording a process as we performed it to build workflows easily.

  6. Drag-and-drop: We wanted it to be easy to create or modify bots with a drag-and-drop visual creator.

  7. Bot jobs: It was our goal to have a way to create different jobs that employed specific bots so we could mix and match bots to jobs.

Based on our requirements, it was confirmed that our dream bot did not exist so it was up to us to create it.

The Solution

Our solution was a tool that had both standard bot templates and customizability. It was to be robust but affordable. It needed to be easy yet able to perform complex processes. This is why Botpath was created.

The solution we came up with was a feature-rich rpa software solution to help us and our customers do more without having to put in more effort. Botpath allows RPA to be implemented in any organization at an affordable price.


Botpath became an ideal solution to manage all created bots easily with options to activate, deactivate, duplicate, or delete in one manageable list.

Our solution offered several ways to create robust bots to perform tasks and processes that are normally performed by employees and take up a significant amount of time. With the ability to choose from existing templates or create bots with drag-and-drop capabilities, the possibilities were endless. Plus, we included a feature that would allow manual processes to be recorded to create accurate bots effortlessly.

Botpath also included the ability to add and organize bots by jobs. Jobs can be created using bots already in use by other jobs that will simply wait its turn until the bot is available. As an added bonus, Botpath was created with a chrome extension to run bots anytime and anywhere while using the Chrome browser.

Botpath’s powerful automations allow operations to be performed automatically, accurately, and intelligently allowing any business to do more. Give it a try for free for 30-days and see for yourself how Botpath can help your growing business.

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