Workflow Automation

to boost automated processes from start to end

Establish flow charts and official documents with convenience and speed up the development of your automated systems.

Workflow Automation

Develop Work Plans & Documentation Using workflow Automation

Ramps up organization's process documentation by painstakingly capturing your consistent workflow processes

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loop break

Loop Break

Record your processes rather than relying on error-prone manual programming. With collaborative capabilities and easy third-party component integration, you can support any department and workflow.

single extraction

Single Extraction

Capture workflows, distribute generated work plans, create flow charts, and keep records to simplify business procedures, allowing RPA developers to work quickly and seamlessly.

multi extractions

Multi Extractions

Add and edit details with ease while using sophisticated diagramming and image-editing software. Automatically detect and integrate actions that occur on the same screen. Combine multiple documents into a single document.

send notifications

Send Notifications

Send an in-app message when something related to your activity occurs. Securely monitor your robot workforce, receive alerts, and act from anywhere.

What is Workflow Automation

Workflow automation is the process of designing, streamlining, executing, and automating a series of tasks that are routed automatically between people, technology, and data based on pre-defined business rules. Learn more about Automation

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