Process Mining

boost automation from start to end

Create flowcharts and official documents quickly and easily to accelerate the development of your automated systems.

Process Mining

Develop your work plan with Process Mining

Step-by-step recording of your ongoing operations and workflows

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workflow management

Workflow Management

Conveniently create flow charts and official documents to accelerate the development of your automated systems. Enhances the documentation of your organization's processes by carefully capturing your consistent workflow processes.

data management

Data Management

Keep a close eye on your processes and make things easier by automating complex, end-to-end business procedures. Verify data, manage outliers, assist robots in better understanding your files and store all web data collected in one location.

task capture

Task Capture

Botpath's task capture allows you to record tasks and automate them to get things done faster. You can record, replay, and reuse workflows in as many other processes as you need to save time while automating business processes.

What is Process Mining?

Designing, simplifying, executing, and automating a series of operations that are routed automatically between people, technology, and data based on pre-defined business rules is known as process mining. Learn More about Process Mining

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