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About Botpath

BotPath by 500apps is a robotic process automation (RPA) tool that helps you automate redundant processes. All subscribers pay as they go, and you can cancel at any time.

500apps offers a suite of 37+ apps at $14.99 and is free for 10 users.


Manohar Chapalamadugu

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Hyderabad, India 500081

Long Beach, California

About Laserfiche

Laserfishe is a privately owned software development company. It was founded in 1987.


Nien-Ling Wacker

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Compulink Management Center Inc


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$ 14.99 /mo

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FREE for 10 users



$ $50/mo /mo

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30 Days

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How Laserfiche Helps your Business?

No matter how complex your workflows are, BotPath can simplify them. With this AI-powered RPA, you'll have the freedom to focus on other important projects without worrying about inefficient workflows. The future of RPA is in the cloud. The Automation Anywhere alternative provides an opportunity for organisations to take advantage of powerful and flexible technology that can be used to automate tasks and remove the need for expensive and inefficient legacy systems.

Looking for Laserfiche Alternative?

With BotPath, business leaders can finally take advantage of all the productivity gains that modern technologies have to offer. At a price point designed specifically for small and medium businesses, BotPath RPA can be implemented in any organization, by any employee, at any price-point. It allows for advanced customization in an easy-to-use interface. The features are robust and delivered in a way that makes the product cost-effective and easy to maintain.

Reasons to consider Laserfiche Alternative

With the automation platform that has it all, you can increase business resilience, speed, and agility.


List and fix your productivity workflow

Workflow defects and inefficiency lead to low productivity. BotPath is the best tool to help you automate repetitive, manual tasks that can directly impact efficiency, quality, and cost.

Task Capture Tool through BotPath

Record, replay, and reuse workflows in as many other processes as you need, which helps you save a lot of time while automating business processes. Task capture by Botpath helps you record tasks and automate them to get things done faster.


Process Recording Software

Make use of in-app actions to create processes and see the same being automated using the timeline. Extract data in seconds using the action toolbar. Create a workflow by picking up relevant nodes. This can only happen when a process is designed manually.

In-app Actions through BotPath Recording

Recording captures a user's actions on the screen and later converts them into sequences that can be modified, replayed, and reused as many times as they want.

Why Should You Use

BotPath is a robotic process automation (RPA) tool that helps you automate redundant processes.

More Accurate Data Entry

Data entry by RPA is more accurate than data entry by humans. Bots don't make mistakes like humans do, and they don't get weary or distracted. There are no typos or entries in the incorrect field. The degree of precision is determined by the bot software's optical character recognition (OCR).

No Down-Time

Software bots can operate at full capacity around the clock, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. RPA doesn't take vacations, sleeps in, doesn't take sick days, and never has a "emotionally unproductive" day. It's understandable that human employees require such items. Instead of panicking and working overtime to keep up with data input, bots assist make sure they have time to enjoy their holidays, get enough sleep, and take care of their health.

Increased Productivity

RPA can execute round-the-clock data input without pausing to correct errors, which means it can get more work done than a human could. A data input bot can typically perform the work of 4 to 8 full-time employees. If you had in-house personnel handling data entry before you started employing bots, they may now devote their time and attention to more productive duties. Furthermore, having the data automatically inputted in a readily searchable format makes it easier for staff to utilise the information, increasing their productivity.

Fast Implementation

It's easy to get data entry bots up and running. It is undeniably faster to implement a new RPA software system than it is to train a new employee. In only a few days, you can have data entry software bots up and operating. If you wanted to hire a new human employee, on the other hand, you'd spend time sorting through resumes, conducting interviews, going through the hiring process, and then training them once you've found someone.


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I chose 500apps because of their value and incredible superior customer service. They really care about small-to-medium sized organizations like ours, whether you're very CRM experienced or lightly so. Every business needs a CRM these days. Compared to HubSpot or Fusion Marketing, they really present a better value and are quite robust yet simple to use. Very pleased!

I love 500apps. It's a perfect solution for startups. The price is right and the system does all I need it to. I had a small issue and called the customer service line. I was really impressed being able to speak with the team all the way from Australia. They resolved my issue immediately and were very nice to deal with. I highly recommend this solution. 500apps is excellent for startups who can't afford the high prices of alternative solutions out there.

500apps is a pretty compressive system for a good price. Plenty of integrations. Sales, marketing and help desk automation. I love that it integrates with IMAP and the chrome widget is brilliant for pulling in LinkedIn data. I've found the customer service incredibly responsive. These guys really care about their reputation.

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