What is RPA?

Robotic process automation helps you automate redundant processes and increase productivity.

RPA is a form of business process automation that allows anyone to define a set of instructions for the bot to perform. RPA delivers significant business benefits, and this article will talk about those benefits. RPA enhances companies to experience greater productivity, accuracy, cost savings, higher ROI, cross-platform integration, improved customer experience, and scalability.

This article will talk about the basics of RPA, its functionality, benefits, setting it up, and more.

What is RPA?

RPA is the Robotic Process Automation that has a positive impact on the business operations of the customers. There are various benefits that a business can reap by using RPA. It is a technology that enables you to configure the software or a robot to perform the same actions that a user can do while interacting with the digital system for executing a business process. There is a rich user interface that the RPA will use to collect the data and access the applications just like humans will do. The RPA will trigger responses and establish a communication medium with the other systems to perform monotonous tasks. This is just one of the many functions that RPA can perform. RPA has made automation easy, improved functionality of a number of industries in many ways; let us know how:

What is rpa

A host of benefits

1.Boost productivity

RPA bots would bring a lot of change in the productivity of the employees by increasing the momentum of the workflow and let you carry out a lot of work by performing each of the processes independently. There are a lot of documents involved in different industries, such as finance, insurance, and the public sector. The best part of using RPA bots is that it would do the job of filling the forms and processing the claims without human intervention. It reduces the manpower and gets the job done in no time.

2.Improvement in accuracy levels

When there is 100% accuracy of the work done by the bots, there is no need for you to do the rework. The work would be compliant with the standards. Automating the tasks using RPA in diverse industries such as healthcare, life sciences, finance, and other industries would reduce the manpower and time it takes to finish the monotonous tasks. The bots are highly reliable that they help you attain the stringent compliance standards. The RPA used in accounting would help you attain the speed, and precision in processing procure to pay cycle and order to cash cycle.

3.Attain high ROI

The user interface of RPA can be used even by the non-technical savvy. The user interface is simple to use and looks rich. Anyone can start to create bots and start using those for performing various tasks to attain high ROI. The employee can save up to 40% of their time every day, which is otherwise spent in doing the manual administrative tasks using this RPA. Healthcare is making use of RPA to automate

various tasks and attain high accuracy in those tasks. The process would be executed by staying in compliance with the procedure. This helps the healthcare industries to attain high patient outcomes.

4.Easy to integrate across various platforms

RPA is an application that does not need you to upgrade or replace the systems to let RPA work effectively. The bot would make it easier for everyone to use technology and connect to different software tools irrespective of the department or function. When all the information is integrated, it becomes easier for the companies to make the right business decisions as the data is available right in front of them. You can attain high efficiency using RPA like never before.

What is rpa

5.Improve user experience

The RPA bots are widely used in the front office by the companies to interact with the customers and carry out all the basic formalities. It reduces the time humans take to handle calls and boost the experience of customers. Various industries, especially telecommunications and life sciences, would use bots to handle customer inquiries and respond to all the calls despite a surge in the call volume at times.

6.Optimally use artificial intelligence (AI)

When you combine RPA with artificial intelligence, you can automate many tasks and extract around 80% of the data collected by the company and are not structured. In the procure to pay cycle, you can automate the invoice processing of the vendors. When it comes to the insurance companies, they can easily automate the process of extracting the claim details and identify the frauds with ease. Human resources can automate requests to understand the intent of the employees.

7.Easy to scale up

There are a lot of business processes that are highly flexible and simple for anyone to embrace in an ever-changing environment. There are different kinds of workloads one can handle, be it the workload is planned or an Ad Hoc task. It is easier for you to expand the digital workforce when required.

8.How is RPA different from traditional and automated solutions?

The best part of RPA is that it enables the users to plug and play with the applications and systems, whatever is required at the moment. The sought-after factor of RPA is that it helps the business to automate the processes just by using a small amount of money and in a short time. It leverages the already existing infrastructure while keeping the underlying systems intact.

9.Easy to use

There are a lot of tedious tasks that can be automated, such as front office data entry, back office jobs, and data entry processes. The knowledge workers do not have to waste their time doing mechanical jobs; instead, they can put their minds to something that is productive for the company. They no more have to spend time understanding the legacy systems or do repetitive tasks. There are tools available to streamline the work. The best one is screen scraping. However, it is not so intuitive for the employees. Today, RPA enables businesses to create bots with ease and improve ROI.

10.Empower the employees

There are multiple technologies that are integrated together and made into an interface that is simple for a user to understand. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are creating a new wave in the RPA

world. This is a breakthrough for the last two decades. The best thing about RPA is that it allows the employees to automate the tasks without the assistance of anyone. It is possible to execute the tasks ten times faster than manual jobs, and the tasks performed would be 100% free from errors.

11.Easy to start, stop and scale-up

The RPA will automate all the tasks that used to be carried out in a traditional way. You can use RPA in an environment and on any application. You can use RPA to scale up based on the demand and work with 100% capacity. The intelligent automation is capable enough to handle the data, which is unstructured. It automates the whole business processes. You can choose to run the number of robots you want to perform a task.

RPA Journey

The journey of RPA is intriguing and seamless. It embarks with knowledge. It is easier for people to implement and adapt to companies. Every team and company would excel using RPA. It helps them thrive. The proficiency of RPA would grow in each step.


The readiness of the RPA depends on the organization's goal and approach to take its business digital.


There are two leadership roles that are critical to implementing RPA. These include – RPA sponsor and the other is RPA evangelist. The former one would be in a senior-level position and has extensive knowledge of automation. The latter would act as a project lead. This person will choose the leaders in every department and business unit to identify the right and potential candidates who can automate the business processes.

RPA vendor engagement

You have to thoroughly evaluate and find the right solution that is a perfect fit for your model. RPA is an intelligent automation that is growing at a brisk pace. The vendor who is tied up with the company has ample experience and stability and would be ready to adapt to the latest innovations.


The proof of concept is required for you to check whether or not the business case assumptions are highly accurate and prove out to be perfect for your implementation model.

RPA Pilot

After POC, the next step in the journey is to test the automated business process in your day to day business and how it is working.

RPA (Center of excellence)

If you want to embrace this RPA technology throughout the organization, it is critical for you to create a global COE that helps you to implement this effectively and by abiding by all the governance standards.


You must use and expand RPA throughout the organization. The expansion of RPA depends on the workforce.

Digital transformation

RPA is the best way to leverage digital technology to improve your business processes. It takes the business towards digitalization and gives a new experience for humans.

Basic functioning of RPA Software

RPA is capable of mimicking many human-user actions. You can use RPA to login to the applications and perform various tasks such as moving the files and folders, copy and paste the required data, fill forms and fetch the data that is in structured and unstructured form. The data can be documents, browsers, and many more.

The basic steps in the working of RPA include the following - - Log into an application - Connect to system APIs - Copy and paste data - Move files and folders - Extract and process structured and unstructured content. - Read and write to databases. - Open emails and attachments - Scrape data from the web - Make calculations

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